Five tips for newborn crying

Swaddling, making the baby side-on, shushing, gently swinging the baby and letting him suck.

  Dr. John Harrington was inspired by the 5S theory and conducted experiments at the King’s Daughter Children’s Hospital in Virginia.

Dr. Harrington found that syrup-fed babies cried for more than 2 minutes after the injection, and most babies who received 5S soothing stopped crying after 45 seconds.

He said: “It took almost 1 minute and all the crying disappeared!

“It must be that many parents want to try this new method quickly, but Dr. Karp said that it must be practiced for a while before it is effective.

For example, “hush-” must be a constant flowing sound, and the bag must be wrapped tightly to make the baby feel safe.

Dr. Karp finally pointed out that as the baby ages, the effectiveness of the 5S method will gradually weaken, and some of them are not as effective as those of 2 months.