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Bellflower is also known as burdock. It is a Chinese medicinal material and can also be eaten. In Korean places, it is often marinated and eaten. The taste and taste of the pickled bellflower are very good.After eating Chinese bellflower pickles, it not only has the effect of appetizing and digesting food, but also enhances the body’s quality. There are many benefits to the body’s health. So how do pickled pickles pickle?

How to pickle pickled cabbageOne hundred grams, Korean hot sauce needs 150 grams.

Method step 1. The most important step when pickling lisianthus is to make it, because lisianthus is mostly dried. It can only taste when it is marinated, and it can make the pickled lisianthus taste good.

It usually takes twenty-four hours to soak the bellflower, and the water needs to be changed several times.

2. Add boiling water to the pot and boil the glutinous rice flour into the pot to cook the glutinous rice paste. After cooling, set aside, remove the peel and core of the prepared apple and use a cooking machine to make a velvet.

Then make garlic into garlic.

3. Put all the apple velvet and garlic, chilli powder and hot sauce into the made glutinous rice paste, add sugar and salt, and mix thoroughly with chopsticks to make the sauce.

4, add the sauce to the soaked bellflower, mix thoroughly and put it in a sealed fresh-keeping box, and then marinate it in a cool environment. After 7 to 10 days, the bellflower can taste, and you can take it whenever you want.food.

Precautions You must pay attention to pickling the eustoma usually. When the eustoma is soaked, the water must not be too dry, otherwise the taste will not be good after pickling.

In addition, the container of pickled eustoma must not contain water, otherwise the eustoma will easily deteriorate during the curing process.

It is also important to pick the bellflower when pickling it. It is best to choose the big and white bellflower. Only this kind of bellflower will be particularly delicious after pickling.