Demystifying Taiyi’s “suspension diagnosis”

In our country’s classical novels and traditional operas, there is often a plot of “hanging a silk diagnosis” for the emperor’s concubines by the eunuch.On the wrist, the other end of the line was handed over to the doctor to identify the condition through the silk thread.
This is done in order to protect the court etiquette and prevent chaos in the palace.
  Legend has it that Sun Sizheng used this method to treat her grandson.
Because the elder grandson was called from the people, he was not the imperial doctor of the eunuch hospital with a title. The eunuch tried to test him. He tied the silk thread to the holly root, the copper tripod foot and the parrot leg.On the mother’s wrist.
Sun was diagnosed with a pulse and knew that it was delayed, so he prescribed a prescription and the mother gave birth smoothly.
The peer asked for his tricks, and Sun laughed without answering.
  So, is there really a diagnosis of hanging wires in history?
Can the patient’s pulse be transmitted to the doctor through a silk thread?
  In order to clarify this problem, someone consulted Mr. Shi Jinmo in 1968.
  Mr. Shi Lao was one of the four famous doctors in old Beijing.
He introduced that the diagnosis of the hanging wire was true and false.
The so-called true person does have its own thing. The so-called fake person is pure form.
  It turned out that the concubines are always sick, and there must always be a close eunuch to introduce the condition, and the elder doctor always asks them in detail, such as stomach appetite, tongue coating, second stool, symptoms, and course of disease.
In order to obtain a true and detailed information, sometimes eunuchs also send gifts to eunuchs.
  After all the questions were asked, the Taiyi became alive.
When it came to the diagnosis of the hanging wire, the Taiyi breathed his breath, calm and serious.
To do so, one is to observe court etiquette and show respect to the royal family, and the other is to use this time to think about the prescription and prepare to deal with it, so as not to cause trouble due to carelessness and improper medicine.
  It can be seen that although the diagnosis of the hanging thread is true, it is just a form of deception covered with mystery.
If the Taiyi did not know the condition through various channels in advance, then he would not be optimistic about the illness of the concubines.