How to sleep in winter

Sleep is the main way to eliminate physical fatigue, and reasonable adjustment of sleep is conducive to physical and mental conditioning.

Initially, many survey data indicate that healthy and longevity previously had both a good and normal sleep.

Human life is like a burning flame, but regular burning lasts life; if it burns up and down, it will change time and make people die earlier.

Sleep time is similar to the minimum degree of flame burning, so it can delay aging and ensure long life.

  Winter sleep is concerned about getting up early and getting up late. Sleep has a great impact on a person’s health. Poor rest can directly affect one’s digestive function, nervous system, and physical recovery.

  The best sleep time The best sleep time should be from the hour (21-23 o’clock) to the end of Yinshi (3-5 o’clock), that is, go to bed at 21 o’clock in the evening and get up at 5 o’clock in the morning.

At this time, San Jiao Jing Wang, San Jiao Tong Bai Mai, at this time into a sleep state, Bai Mai can recuperate, and can make people without major illness throughout their lives.

Centenarians have a common feature, that is, sleeping at Haishi and rising from Yinshi.

It’s a pity that modern people can rarely do that, so fewer and more rosy people are on the street.

Women who want to stay asleep for a long time should go to bed early and get up early.

  In addition, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine also holds: “Bile is the official of Zhongzheng.

“The bile is Shaoyang again,” Shaoyang does not rise, the world is unknown. ”

If you can’t sleep in time at night, or the quality of sleep is not good, and the next day’s Shaoqi does not rise, people will become easily sleepy and lack energy.

In addition to ensuring a good night’s sleep, half an hour at noon (11-13) is also required to fall asleep (nap is called a beauty sleep, and the effect of beauty is obvious).

  Sleeping late at night is easy to hurt the gallbladder, and you will suffer from depression. Because human cells are renewed about every 100 days, the ancient health practitioners said: “Sleep is the first health.

In addition, often sleeping too late at night will hurt the courage, and severe cases will suffer from depression.

“The Emperor’s Internal Canon” states:

“The eleven internal organs determine gall bladder.” The body’s internal organs are determined by the bile, which determines the germination of bile. If the bile can be initiated, the body will not be affected.

From 23 o’clock to 1 am, Dan Jing was the most prosperous.

People nourish their guts during sleep. They will consume guts if they don’t sleep. In severe cases, they will also lack courage when they have “depression”.

  Do not sleep when you are young, in addition to causing adverse bile metabolism, and even cause anemia, insufficient blood supply.

Unexpected eyes on biliary deficiency, no tendon under blood deficiency, eyestrain, fatigue, waist and knee weakness.

The liver and gallbladder are cyan in shape, and when they are not asleep, they are easy to return to blue, and when they are ugly, they are easy to be blue.

The lungs are white invisibly, and the complexion at the end of sleep is easy to be gray.

  Wake up time should be at 3 o’clock in the morning, the first day of spring, and 6 o’clock the day of the spring equinox.

Heaven and earth awoke at 3 o’clock, and the cells of the human body also woke up under this space-time induction.

Wake up between 3 and 5 o’clock every day without having to sleep anymore, sometimes Hou will get more and more tired.

Tian Xing people can’t get out of bed, they can also “tug of war”.

Before getting up before 5 o’clock, at 6 o’clock the “spring equinox” people’s gods can’t come out, making people lack of spirit.

If you sleep too late at night, it will kill Yang Qi, and if you wake up too late in the morning, you will kill Yang Qi.

This is called “double kill”.

Therefore, even if you fall asleep late, you must get up before 5 o’clock in the morning, and make up for noon to prevent “double killing”.

  The sleeping room should not be too large. The sleeping room should not be too large, mainly for gathering yang.

Traditional health care pay attention to the doors and windows must be closed when sleeping.

Do not turn on the fan and air conditioner to sleep in the summer.

When a person falls asleep, a protective layer of yang is formed on the surface of the body.

If the wind blows away this layer of yang, the body will replenish.

The cycle overlaps and dries up the yang energy. In the morning, he feels weak, looks yellow, and his head is wrapped in cloth.If it is too hot in summer, you can close the bedroom door and open the air conditioner to cool the room, and people will go to bed quickly to sleep.

The cool air can be kept for more than an hour, and the person has fallen asleep.

If you wake up in the middle, you can do this again.

  Dinner should not be too full before going to bed at night. If dinner is too full, it will inevitably lead to an increase in the perfusion burden. The information of its intense work is continuously transmitted to the brain, causing insomnia, dreams, and over time, it is easy to cause diseases such as nervous breakdown.

If the middle-aged and elderly people are full for dinner for a long time, it will repeatedly stimulate a large amount of insulin secretion, which will often increase the burden of insulin and B cells, high blood pressure and lead to diabetes.

At the same time, when dinner is full, some proteins cannot be absorbed and absorbed. Under the action of initializing bacteria, toxic substances will be produced. In addition, the peristalsis of the intestinal wall will slow down during sleep, which relatively prolongs the inherent residence time of these substances, which may promoteThe occurrence of colorectal cancer.

Therefore, you ca n’t eat too much dinner, and you ca n’t eat too much, because this can easily lead to acute pneumonia and cause people to shock in sleep. If they are not rescued, they will often be life-threatening.

  In addition, dinner is too full, and the gas consumption is too much.

Insufficient Yang Qi at night may lead to indigestion, food accumulates in the stomach, depression will heat up, and stomach heat is prone to occur, while Yang Sheng is hot, it will not sleep well and affect sleep quality.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to drink too much at night, and it is also a good way to sleep.

In order to sleep well, the following four aspects should be achieved.


The environment should be suitable for falling asleep. If the objective conditions are poor, it should be improved or overcome, such as the quietness around the room.

If you live with your family, the people around you should take care of it and adjust the scope of your life and activities reasonably so as not to affect each other.


Try not to think about things that make you excited or take your mind before going to bed, lest you won’t be able to sleep.

If the night shift is for desk work, don’t go to bed immediately after watching it, and don’t watch movies and TV shows to avoid being more excited. You can put on a headset and listen to the light music for a while to relax the nervous work mood before lying down.

You can take a bath or iron your feet before going to bed in winter.

The quilt should not be too thick when sleeping, try not to wear thick pajamas to fall asleep, as this will feel uncomfortable and not sleep well.

If you rest during the day after the night shift, curtains should be made of a slightly thicker material to block the light and fall asleep.


Do not overeat at dinner or at night.

In winter, you should try to eat easily digestible foods such as porridge or pasta, which is also suitable for human health in winter.

Don’t eat too greasy or salty, so as not to thirst and drink too much water and “get up late.”

Before going to bed, do not eat foods that can easily cause gastrointestinal upset, such as soy products, sweet potatoes, potatoes, onions, citrus, taro, corn, bananas, etc.

Never drink caffeine-containing beverages such as cola, coffee or strong tea for refreshment.

  Fourth, people who can drink will sometimes drink some alcohol before bed to “induction” to fall asleep. This method is really advocated.

Although alcohol stimulation can help you fall asleep, at the same time, you can sleep fast and wake up quickly when you go to bed. The effective sleep quality cannot be guaranteed. Over time, you still can’t sleep, and it is not good for your body.

Sleeping methods vary from person to person. Here are 3 ways.


Simply press your legs before going to bed, then sit on the bed naturally, cross your hands on your legs, breathe naturally, and feel that the pores of your whole body are combined with your breath. If you can yawn with tears, it will work best.


Lie on your back and breathe naturally, feeling like a spring breeze, melting the big toes first, then the other toes, then the feet, calves, and thighs gradually melting.

If you never wake up, do it from scratch.


Those who fall asleep fast can lie on their right side with their right palms resting on their right ears.

The heart of the right palm is fire, and the ears are water.

Over time, nourishing the heart and nourishing the kidneys.

  Tips: Don’t use sleeping pills to help you go to bed early. Don’t go past ten o’clock. Elderly people take eight o’clock as positive and don’t go past nine.

At 11 o’clock, when the sun is born, it belongs to the kidney. At this time, insomnia, the kidney water will be deficient, the heart and kidneys will be connected, and the water deficiencies will be prosperous.Don’t help with sleep rehabilitation.

For example, at noon, that is, from 11 am to 1 am, when it is overcast, it belongs to the mind. If you cannot sleep at this time, you can sit still for a quarter of an hour and close your eyes and keep your soul strong.

Those who have heart disease should pay attention, and pay attention every day at this time, then the vitality will be stronger, no heartbeat, diarrhea or frequent urination.