No matter how hot

Baby bathing in cold water is harmful!
No matter how hot

In the hot summer, what kind of cooling method is suitable for the baby?

Is it feasible for some parents to bathe the baby with cold water for the baby to cool down?

Let’s introduce it.

  First, do n’t bathe your baby with cold water even when it ‘s hot again. It ‘s getting hotter, especially in the hot and humid weather in the south, where people put themselves in like a smoldering furnace. Many people are crying out and thinkingStrange and creative ways to cool down.

In order to cool their babies, some parents started to switch to cold water for bathing.

cold water?

Is it not suitable?

  In fact, the baby’s skin is tender and susceptible to irritation.

The weather is so hot. If you give your baby a cold shower, the cold water will irritate the skin. If the baby is not used to it, it will easily catch a cold.

Babies have a weak constitution and poor resistance. They are more suitable for bathing in warm water, especially after sweating.

  Xiaobian reminded: Do not give your baby a cold shower even if the weather is hot.

Although some people say that taking a cold bath can exercise and strengthen your body, for a baby with poor resistance and high sensitivity, it can be avoided or avoided.

  Second, in the summer, the baby can use warm water to bathe. If he cannot take a cold bath, how should he bathe the baby?

Please take a bath with warm water!

  When bathing your baby, you must consider the baby’s resistance. If the temperature of the water is too high, taking a hot bath on this hot day will be uncomfortable for both the mother and the baby. If the temperature of the water is too low, or even cold, The baby is susceptible to cold and fever.

Therefore, the best way is to bathe your baby in warm water. The temperature of the water is about the same as the body temperature. A little temperature is sufficient. In this way, it is easier for both the mother and the baby.

  Xiao Bian reminded: Do not take a bath for too long, in case you catch a cold while playing in the water.

  Third, how many baths does the baby take every day?

  In summer, the weather is hot, and the sweat secreted by the human body will increase relatively. Human skin feels sticky, but after washing with water, it feels better.

So, the more times you take a bath, the better?

  Parents should prevent babies from having rash and diaper rash.

Bathe your baby in summer and don’t wash it too much.

Soaking a baby who is sweating in cold water will make it easier for the child to develop rash and diaper rash.

  In summer, you sweat a lot. It is possible to increase the number of baths properly, but it should not be excessive, because the baby’s skin is fully developed and the sebum secretion is very small. Some parents like to bathe the baby repeatedly with a bath lotion.The protective layer of oil improves the skin’s susceptibility to external irritation and allergies, and promotes the reproduction of bacteria and fungi on its surface, which results in rash and diaper rash.

  PS: Do not allow bathing for babies in summer. Even if you take a bath, you have to wait for the sweat to dry before you wash, and you should use bath liquid as little as possible.

  Fourth, how to bathe your baby in summer?

  Bathing can not only keep the skin clean and avoid bacterial invasion, but also accelerate the blood circulation, stimulate metabolism and enhance the body’s resistance through the stimulation of water on the skin, and even make children’s whole body skin touch, temperature and pressure sense through water bath process.Sensory ability is trained to satisfy the baby.

It is important to bathe your baby properly.

  1. First take off your baby’s clothes when bathing, put on a bath towel, the adult’s left arm and body gently pinch the child, hold the baby’s head with his left hand, and press the auricle from behind the baby’s ear with his left thumb and middle finger.Cover the ears to prevent bath water from flowing into the ears.

First scrub the face, moisten it with a special small towel, and gently wipe the eyes, mouth, nose, face and ears from the length of the corners of the eyes, and then wash the brain with some shampoo.

 2. Wash with water and dry your head.

  3. After washing the head and face, if the umbilical cord has been adjusted, remove the bath towel, put the baby in the tub, hold the baby’s head with his left hand, and wash the baby with his right hand in order. Replace the upper limbs, chest, abdomen, and after washingBack, lower extremity, vulva, buttocks, etc. Pay special attention to washing skin wrinkles.

  4. After cleaning, wrap the baby in a large towel, wipe it gently, and keep warm. Apply body lotion on the skin, wrinkles, etc. on the body, armpits, and thigh roots, and put on baby powder in summer.

  PS: Baby skin care products for adults should not be used to avoid adverse reactions caused by skin absorption.

Use only quality skin care products that are not irritating to your baby’s skin.