Steps to prevent foot cramps and massage the fracture yourself

Gastrocnemius fractures are also known as “foot cramps”.

It was found that the protruding muscles on the back of the calf were cramping and bulging, and the pressing was hard. The calf could not be flexed, and even the pain was unbearable and could not be corrected.

It is mostly caused by overworked lower limbs, long distance travel, swimming, long-term cold invasion or weak blood and liver and kidney deficiency.


Preparing to take a seat, with the waist slightly straight, with your feet flat on your shoulders, the left palm and the back of your right hand overlapping, gently place on the lower abdomen, eyes closed slightly, breathing uniform, whole body relaxed, sit still for 1-2 minutes.

Pinch the affected leg of the lower leg flat on the knee of the healthy limb, and use the contralateral thumb to mate with the other four fingers. Repeatedly pinch the affected leg’s back muscle 0 from top to bottom.

1 minute.

  Efficacy: Slow tendons, swelling and pain relief.


Place the fingertips of the healthy side on the acupoints of the affected limb, and place your thumb over the cheekbones.

5-1 minutes.

  Efficacy: Huoxue swelling, Tongluo pain.


Press Yanglingquan Point and place your thumb and abdomen on Yanglingquan Point on the same side of the affected limb. The remaining four fingers are attached to the legs and abdomen.

5-1 minutes.
  Efficacy: Shugan Lidan, antispasmodic and analgesic.


Press the Zusanli acupoint to overlap the index finger of the healthy side with the middle finger. Place the tip of the middle finger on the Zusanli acupoint of the affected limb. Press 0 appropriately.

5-1 minutes.
  Efficacy: nourish the spleen and stomach, reconcile qi and blood.

  6 Place the affected limb flat on the knee of the healthy limb by rubbing the acupoints, and place them on the acupoints with the fingers of the healthy side.

5-1 minutes.
  Efficacy: Dredge the meridians, relieve pain and relieve pain.


Chengshan acupoint is placed on Chengshan acupoint on the same side with thumb and fingertips.

5-1 minutes.
  Efficacy: Pass through the meridian, soften the muscles and relieve the pain.


Press the Kunlun acupoint together. The Taixi acupoint places the affected limb on the knee of the healthy limb. Press the abdomen of the thumb and middle finger on the acupoint of Taixi and Kunlun respectively.

5-1 minutes.
  Efficacy: reconcile qi and blood, swelling and pain.

  The middle point of the small knowledge committee: It is located in the middle of the horizontal stripes of the moon joint of the knee joint (that is, the horizontal stripes of the moon joint nest when the knee is bent).

  Yanglingquan Point: located at the upper part of the fibula, the depression of the fibula head before and below.

  Zusanli Point: It is located 3 inches below the outer knee, about 1 inch between the bones and the tendons.

  Acupoints: 8 inches below the eyes of the outer knee, approximately 1 transverse finger from the long bone-front bone anterior condyle of the lower leg.

  Chengshan Point: Located in the middle of the back of the calf, in the depression between the meat, the midpoint of the line connecting the Vecunda and Kunlun points.

  Kunlun acupoint: located in the depression between the initial apex and the Achilles tendon.  Taixi Point: It is located in the depression between the internal pre-tilt and Achilles tendon, opposite to Kunlun Point.

  Self-massage can be done during an episode.

Athletes and heavy manual workers insist on doing it once a day or every other day, and can take preventive action.

Avoid excessive fatigue in your lower limbs.