There are many ways to treat hair loss in Chinese medicine

“The Golden Book of Medicine” reads: “Oil wind hairs are dry and burnt, and the skin is red and itchy and embarrassing.

“Summary of the symptoms of this disease.

You Feng, from “Surgery Authenticity”, also known as “ghost shaving,” is caused by blood deficiency, wind and dryness, and loss of maintenance.

Sudden onset of disease, dry or flaky hair, redness and shiny skin, conscious itching or non-itching, that is, alopecia areata, including seborrheic hair loss as modern medicine calls it.

Some scholars believe that hair loss is divided into senile alopecia, including physiological, familial, and hereditary, including baldness, topping, etc. This article is about pathological hair loss.

  Chinese medicine believes that the glory of the kidney is in the hair, the hair is more than blood.

“Su Wen · Ancient Innocence” states: “My husband is eight years old, and his kidneys are firm, and his teeth are longer.”

“Sui Yuanfang of Sui Dynasty” on the origins of various diseases said: ‘If blood is abundant, it is glorified by hair, so it must be beautiful. If blood is weak, the meridian is exhausted, and it ca n’t be moisturized, so it must be bald.

“Chaos also pointed out:” Combing hair often keeps the blood from staying, and the hair roots are often fastened.

“Blood fever can also cause hair fall,” Zhang Congzheng of the Yuan Dynasty said in “Confucian Confidante”: “People who suffer from early fall or crumbs when they are young, this blood fever is too much.

“Introduction to Medicine” also believes that: “The gallbladder can understand the bladder, the hair on the glory, the style is dry, the juice is dry.

“This kind of understanding has prescribed the methods of nourishing kidney, nourishing blood, activating blood, cooling blood, or expelling wind, which has a great impact on future generations, and is still used today.

  In terms of treatment, the method of nourishing blood and removing wind used in “Surgery Authentic”, medicinal angelica, Chuanxiong, Baiji, Gastrodia elata, Zhihuo, Shudi, papaya, Cuscuta; topical fresh ginger rub, long-lasting, you can use the Qixing needleOnce a day.

This is one of the old and effective methods.

According to Erzhi Pills in “Jiefang Jijie”, it is a medicine of foot and Shaoyin, Ligustrum lucidum Gan Ping, Yigan Bu Shen, Gan Lian Cao Gan Han, kidney invigorating, so it can benefit from glory, Qiang YinAnd at the same time.

Erzhi Wan is really nourishing but not greasy, nourishing but not dry, and has the effect of cooling blood and moisturizing, and is a good way to treat alopecia areata.

If you add Shouwu, Dihuang, Angelica, Lycium barbarum seeds to increase the nourishing power, paired with Danpi, Platycladus orientalis leaves to help cool blood moisturizing power, the benefits are more ideal.

  Some scholars disagree about the application of Yizongjinjian to the application of Qufeng medicine. The reason is that Xinwen Sanfeng medicine has the disadvantages of consuming blood and blood, and it is counterproductive; but some scholars have stated thatAgree, the reason is that if the liver stagnation qi stagnates and the wind changes for a long time, it is necessary to use the liver-relieving qi, expelling wind, which is in line with the principle of disease and disease.

  Some scholars have suggested that the disease of alopecia areata is mainly due to blood deficiency, which cannot support the skin, unreasonable clues, and wind evils that take advantage of the deficiency, and the disease is caused by the irritation of the skin. The main pathology is insufficient blood and emptiness of the pulse path. “Qi is the commander of blood, and blood is the mother of qi. “Qi deficiency can not lead the blood to follow the pulse path.Realize support, and give birth to new hair.

According to a theory, a scholar formulated the formula as follows: 100 grams of wild chrysanthemum, 50 grams of safflower, 100 grams of tongtong skin, 100 grams of cilantro, and medicine soaked in 4000 ml of white wine for 30 days, then wiped and wiped the affected area.6?
Eight times, 30 cases were cured in 27 cases, and the total effective recovery was 93.

3%, a course of 30 days, a maximum of two courses of healing.

  Insufficient qi and blood do not produce hair, which mainly refers to insufficient endowment, can not be proud of hair, use Cistanche to cure it, use angelica, raw land, Cistanche, Baiji one or two, Hu powder 5 yuan, for the noodle water pills, black bean soup, Water-based decoction and rubbing outside.

  Regarding the protection of hair, Cixi in the Qing Dynasty had more time in Guangxu than in any dynasty. They replaced the recipe with Lingfa Recipe, which was painted with steamed extracts of Dongxing jujube root, or mulberryHemp leaves are boiled in shampoo and shampoo. There are hair-replenishing formulas, which are made with gardenia, walnuts, arborvitae leaves, juice, soaked in snow, and combed.

This is an important hair care measure based on prevention.

  In ancient medical books, there are also many records of using Xinwen aromatic medicine in hair growth and hair development: For example, in “Qian Jin Fang”, tonka, asarum, white peony, amaranth, Xinyi, Sichuan pepper, clove, and gansong were used.

“Medical Recipes” have bald black cloud oil and golden pearl green cloud oil with hair-generating effect. Soak in the oil with the above medicine, wipe the head with the oil, which is close to today’s head oil.

There is also Aconitum musk oil, Shampoo oil, Hair oil, Gong Zhuang rose oil and so on.

(See “Yongle Grand Ceremony”) In modern research on hair loss, it is full of flowers, and a hundred schools of thought contend.

In the 1960s, Yan Dexin, Zhang Mingjiu, Liang Leshan, etc. used “Shengfa Jiu” and “Tongqiao Huoxue Decoction” to treat hair loss and obtained curative effects.

Huoxuetongqiao is mainly based on stasis and stasis, that is, blood circulation and stasis are mainly used. The shared medicines are: red chrysanthemum, Chuanxiong, peach kernel, safflower, old spring onion, jujube, fresh ginger, musk, decoction of wine.

Oral administration of “Hair Loss Regeneration Nine”, and external application of Wu Bei cream, treatment of hair loss with good results.

Hair loss regeneration pills are medicinal angelica, 150 grams each of Polygonum multiflorum, 200 grams of Dashudi, 200 grams of raw astragalus root, 150 grams of green wind rattan. Mix noodles with raw ground paste and add honey to make pills.Serving 15 grams, external application Wubei cream medicinal raw Chuanwuwu, Galla Chinensis, Eclipta prostrata, Platycladus orientalis leaves each finely divided, aged vinegar rub.

There are also Jiao San powder, 15 grams of Sichuan medicinal herbs, 10 grams of vitex, 10 grams of white peony, and 7 tonka.

5 grams, Shengchuanwu 7.

A total of 5 grams are fine, castor oil is used to make a paste, and the affected area is covered with silk cloth.

In the 1970s, Chen Jingzhang, Sun Jigen, and other special Bazhen Decoction plus Shouwu, Ligustrum lucidum treatment of hair loss, and Jiawei Yigong San treatment of hair loss received good results.

The research in the 1980s has a wider scope and finer differentiation of syndromes. For example, Professor Dong Jianhua, Ke Liming, etc. studied hair loss, famously dialectical treatment, established kidney tonic, cool blood and promote blood, tonify liver and nourish blood, nourish liverKidney, nourishing blood and developing hair, nourishing yin, clearing heat, purging fire, nourishing kidney, expelling wind, and external treatments.
The curative effect is very good. Commonly used internal medicines are: Polygonum multiflorum, Dioscorea, Cistanche, Golden Cherry, Dogwood, Yam, Antlers, Mulberry, Cuscuta, Gallia, Danshen, Chuanxiong, Coptis, Eucommia, Cinnamon, Musk, Nepeta, Gastrodia羌, live, papaya, black sesame, willow bark, chrysanthemum, leeches, arachis, arborvitae leaves, topical medicine has saponin.
, Safflower, peach kernel, Bupleurum, light white, ginger, wolf venom, cantharius, Chuanwu, Caowu, Ephedra, Baibu, white fresh skin, clove, twig, green bark, stone calamus, ginseng leaf, garcinia cambogia, boneBroken, pepper, jujube bark, osteophytes, dead staff, etc.

The internal medicines commonly used by the author are: Polygonum multiflorum, Angelica, Cistanche, Citrus fruit, Black beans, Polygonatum sibiricum, raw cooked land, safflower, Ligustrum lucidum, Eclipta, Salvia miltiorrhiza, etc., external rubbing medicinal soil insects, Platycladus orientalis, gingerBone turfgrass, etc., has very good effect.

  In the 1990s, hair growth fluid, hair growth, 101 hair growth, etc., were all the rage, and new products were even more numerous, including unilateral, prescription, and secret recipes.

  A person also loses hair under normal physiological conditions.

But the number varies with age, physical changes, and gender.

So, the hair loss here refers to more than 40 hair loss per day?
About 100 roots, so understanding yourself and understanding your hair is the key to protecting your hair.

One is to maintain health, and the other is to protect the hair so that hair loss will not be prevented. Since hair loss has occurred, it should be actively treated.

But prevention is the key to hair growth.