[Practice of fried mushroom with spinach]_ Common practice of fried mushroom with spinach _ Practice of fried mushroom with spinach _ How to make fried mushroom with spinach

In order to survive, we must work hard every day.

The consequence of struggle is to have a good body, and good body needs nutrition to maintain.

So where does this nutrition come from?

Diet, of course.

Therefore, from now on, please follow Xiaobian to correct the practice of oyster mushroom fried spinach, I believe it will definitely be good for you.


Material: Spinach, Pleurotus ostreatus 2.

Wash the spinach and remove it for later use.


Rinse the oyster mushrooms and clean them.


Then, pour the washed spinach into boiling water and remove.


Pour the oil in the wok and heat, and stir in the cleaned oyster mushrooms.


Then, stir in the spinach.


Then, add an appropriate amount of salt.


Season well and serve well.


Remove from pan and serve.

Have you learned the specific method of this mushroom fried spinach introduced by the above editor?

If you are interested, hurry into the kitchen and try it, there will be new gains!