Hot sleep is not good, try yoga meditation

Ms. Gao is a securities analyst. During the day, she has a lot of work pressure and a high concentration of concentration, but at night she penetrates and turns to the side, she cannot enter dreamland, and even counting sheep is useless.?

A friend recommended her for a fitness exercise.

After consulting a personal trainer, she chose running and yoga as the main fitness method. In addition, the yoga instructor specifically advised her to practice before going to bed 5?
10 minutes of yoga meditation.

  The specific method is: press and wash at night, lie on your back on the bed, close your eyes, put a thin pillow under your head, and gently put your hands on the navel.

Focus on your own breath.

When inhaling, inhale the air straight to the abdomen, and raise your hand with the abdomen; the deeper you inhale, the higher the abdomen will rise.

Exhale, make an “O” sound, then close your lips, make an “M” sound, and draw the belly inward toward the spine until all the exhaust gas is exhaled from the lungs.

Then inhale and repeat 3?
5 minutes.

Pay attention to the sound that you want to make your ears hear, focus on the voice, and experience the echo in the brain.

This relaxes the cerebral cortex and allows you to enter the quiet inner world until you fall asleep naturally.

  Theoretically speaking, the physical diseases of human beings are mainly caused by disturbances or obstacles in the flow of air in the body.

Practicing breath control to make the air of life in the entire meridian system unobstructed, can make you healthy.

On the spiritual side, meditation is generally used as a preparation stage for yoga meditation.

In fact, yoga yoga can effectively strengthen blood circulation, adjust the functions of internal organs such as nerves, spinal cord, heart, etc., and can clear the confusion caused by physical tension.

Yoga has a good regulating effect on the nervous system (especially the brain). A big reason that affects the quality of sleep is psychological pressure and changes. Through some yoga exercises, we can well regulate and relieve our psychological pressure, so thatFall asleep faster.