Parent-child reading 10 minutes before bedtime

Parent-child reading 10 minutes before bedtime can help to fall asleep, and it is good for your child’s immune system, listening skills and imagination.

When the wonderful fairy tale accompanies the baby into the sweet dreamland, you can kiss the baby’s forehead and say softly: “Good night, baby!

“The time to tell a story before bedtime is also the best time for parent-child communication.

For example, a baby around the age of 3 is particularly active, and when there is almost no rest during the day, trying to reason with him seriously will definitely not work.

And before bedtime, the little naughty bag turned out to be like a little sheep, just to hear a good story.

Take advantage of this opportunity. By telling stories, your baby can understand things better.

  The story book that the baby reads at first does not necessarily have a tortuous plot. There is a scene on the other page, which is suitable for the baby to open it at will. It is best to start from any page.

When starting to read such a simple story-telling book with your baby, parents don’t have to rush to turn backwards, they can switch their children’s interests, just open each page and discuss the details with the child.

Because for children, each page is a unique scenery.

  Pictures always play an important role in your baby’s storybook: A lot of the characteristics of your baby’s storybook are the vivid image and easy to attract the baby’s attention.

During the baby’s reading process, more than 80% of the information is obtained from the picture.

Therefore, the quality and level of painting also affect the reading comprehension of the baby.

The requirements for pictures do not take into account external colors, shapes, composition, etc., but must also pay attention to the promptness of its content, the coherence of the plot and the suggestive heuristic of the plot.

Otherwise, the misleading picture will cause the baby to fail to read successfully.

  Your pillow book recommends “Little Mouse Plays a Fairy Tale” You must have told your baby a lot of fairy tales. You may have taken your baby to watch a lot of fairy tales, but you must have never watched a fairy tale show performed by a group of weird little miceRight!

  In the Year of the Rat, the little mouse is definitely the protagonist; and in “The Little Mouse Plays a Fairy Tale”, the little mouse is a dazzling SUPERSTAR!

They would play Snow White, play Aladdin, and play cats in boots . and bring the classic fairy tales familiar to them to life.

Each little mouse actor has a delicate expression and is extremely cute. The fairy tale plot has been cleverly played. Based on the loyalty to the original book, it is full of laughter that makes the baby happy and happy.

  Opinion: “The Little Mouse Plays a Fairy Tale” is another set of books, and it is also the best gift for the baby in the Year of the Mouse, because every detail is unique: the exquisite and small cardboard book allows the baby’s little hand to read it freely,Sixteen small books come together to form a lively theater.

: The theater’s gate, 16 fairy tale boxes are clear at a glance, which is convenient for the baby to easily read and put in order.

  Suitable for reading age: 2?
4-year-old baby “Guess how much I love you” This is a story expressing love.

“Guess how much I love you?

The little rabbit asked.

“Oh, I probably can’t guess.

“Big Rabbit smiled.

“I love you so much.

“The bunny desperately opened up carbon dioxide.

However, no matter how the bunny compares and jumps, its love is always inferior to that of the mother rabbit. It comes higher, deeper, and farther.

In the end, the bunny finally understood that her mother’s love for it was so deep and far away that it could never compare.

  Love, can it be regulated like this?

For babies, such a metaphor may not be more direct.

Solitaire-like metaphors are one after another, naive, intelligent, yet so warm-hearted.

  Opinion: “Guess how much I love you” has more than a simple, warm story, thick fonts and repeated sentences, which is best for parents and children to cling to the bed tightly and whisper softly before the lights go outRead it aloud.

What better way to tell your child to sleep peacefully than to tell them I love you?

  Suitable for reading age: 0?

Where do I come from, a 5-year-old baby, “A Leaf Falling Down”?

Where would I go?
Why live?

What’s the matter with death?
A leaf answers all the children’s questions about life.

  This is a fairy tale about life. A leaf in the book called Freddy and its partners have experienced the changes of the four seasons, and gradually understand that the meaning of life lies in experiencing beautiful things and bringing happiness to others; understandDeath does not represent all destruction, but another form of rebirth.

Coupled with photos and paintings showing the changes of the four seasons, it creates a warm mood.

  Opinion: This thought-provoking fairy tale parlour is warm, concise, full of wisdom, and profound in meaning. It is best suited to all children who have experienced life and death, and adults who do not know how to explain life and death.

  Suitable for reading age: 3?
9-year-old children need to read with their parents, and children over 9 years old can read on their own.

  ”Puppy Capi” If you are a child who loves animals, you must read Capi.

  If you have ever seen a gentle puppy, you will definitely think of Capy.

  Capy looks after the baby pig and helps the goose and kitten. He likes to swing, blue butterflies, and lollipops.

He has a skill that is to be happy.

He has a lot of good ideas and has a good time alone.

Build a beautiful castle with sand, or repair his inflatable pool seriously, and sometimes he holds a big umbrella and walks comfortably in the rain.

  It is important that he brings himself to live happily every day.

These little stories can unknowingly make children’s minds understand mutual help, friendship and the beauty of being alone.

  Opinion: “Puppy Capi” maintains the pure and transparent style of the original book. There are no loud words, only warm depictions, a soft light yellow, with the puppy Cappi standing in the middle, with a small tail.

  Suitable for reading age: 0?
5 year old baby topic: 0?
At the age of 3, he developed Allen early. At the age of 30, the foreign cashier child was finally born with the eagerness of my husband and me. When I saw him, I felt full of heart. The whole world was him.

Has the child started to receive 0 at the specialized maternity hospital?
The 3-year-old developed early, but I didn’t know much about it. I wanted to ask an expert to give a brief introduction and let me have a concept in my heart.

  Beijing Mary Maternal and Child Hospital 0?
Director Shan Jinping, 3-year-old child early development center: Speaking of the child’s early development, it should gradually start from the fetal period in the mother, especially the infant and child period, which is a critical period of early development.

What we mean by development is by no means our traditional education.

The main purpose of early development is to enrich the child’s environment, so that the child’s senses are more stimulated, thereby promoting brain development to the optimal level of child development.

It doesn’t require you to learn anything, you must master, it just asks the child to maintain good interest.

After various sensory stimuli, his brain can develop better physically, structurally, and functionally, so that he will be a very healthy and intelligent child in the future.

  In the early stages of infant development, the brain’s compensatory function is very powerful and has great plasticity.

Therefore, low-weight babies, premature babies, and some children with brain damage, especially those with cerebral palsy, still have hope for some interventions through early developmental education.

0?The 3-year-old early development education is a project in line with international children’s education.

The so-called three-year-old look older, seven-year-old look old is not a lie!

The pediatric medical system of a hospital is sound. The key to perfection is to look at 0?
Is 3-year-old early childhood education mature?