Preventing dry lips from cracking in spring

Winter is coming to spring, the climate is dry and windy, many people will feel the lips dry, and some people are also easy to peel and chapped.

Therefore, these people will lick their lips consciously or unconsciously, but the result is often appropriate, and the dryness of the lips is aggravated, and even the swelling of the lips is swollen and bloody.

  Health experts believe that these symptoms are typical clinical manifestations of chronic cheilitis. The chapped part of the lips is due to the absence of sebaceous glands on the lips, and it is impossible to form a protective leather film. The stratum corneum of the lips is extremely thin, and it is difficult to retain moisture. In addition, early winter and early spring.People add too much vitamin and water, which is easy to cause dry lips.

  Bad habits may induce cheilitis According to experts, recent acute dips, the number of patients with cheilitis who came to see a doctor increased significantly.

Li Xueli said that cheilitis is a frequently-occurring disease in winter and the incidence rate is also high.

This is mainly due to the dry weather in winter, the large temperature changes and the decline of human body resistance.

In addition, there is no sweat gland and oil secretion in the lips. When the climate changes and the cold wind strikes, the fragile lips are easily damaged if they are not split and protected.

“In the autumn and winter, if the lips are particularly dry and cracked, you should find the reason from the body.

“Liu Aimin, director of the Department of Dermatology, Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the dry lips may be caused by vitamin B2 deficiency, indigestion, or chronic cheilitis. It is best to ask a doctor for diagnosis.

  Liu Aimin said that cheilitis is often high in young people. Some bad habits are incentives. When the lips are dry, they will go to lick or bite. But they don’t expect to bite more and more dry, peel off when peeling or thinning, etc.It can lead to increased pain, bleeding from the lips, infection, wounds are difficult to heal, recurrent, forming a vicious circle, and prolonged into a chronic cheilitis after a few days.

  Chronic cheilitis is a chronic, non-complication of complications of the lips, often caused by a variety of long-term, sustained stimuli, such as dryness, cold, especially associated with bad habits such as lips and biting lips.

When using the tongue to lick the lips, the external air is dry, the water brought by the saliva will not only evaporate quickly, but then the lip will be taken away with only a small amount of water, causing a vicious circle that becomes more and more dry and dry.Even the skin at the corners of the mouth appears pigmented, leaving a circle of red, very serious.

  Liu Aimin suggested that the dryness of the lips should also consider the comprehensive factors of their own health. The chapped lips are less likely to be eaten by people’s daily fresh vegetables, and the intake of B vitamins in the human body is insufficient.

  The seizure of the lips is actually a common symptom of autumn and winter. It can be complicated by adjusting diet and daily habits. First, eat more fresh vegetables, such as soybean sprouts, rapeseed, cabbage, white radish, etc., to increase B vitamins.Absorption.

  Second, timely supplementation of sufficient water, sufficient water consumption, is very helpful for the balance of human body function, can effectively prevent dry lips.

  Third, both men and women should use lip balm to care for their lips, and try to choose a colorless lipstick that is less irritating.

People with allergies can apply sesame oil or honey to their lips with a cotton swab, which can also penetrate a good moisturizing effect.

  Fourth, try to avoid external stimuli such as wind and sun, and you can take a mask to protect.

  Fifth, correct bad habits such as licking lips and biting lips.

  If the cleft of the lips, the symptoms of scarring are not cured for a long time, you should go to the hospital in time to find out the cause and symptomatic treatment as soon as possible.

  It is best not to lick the lips. The area around the lips of the human body is called “lip red edge”. Its moistness is maintained by local abundant capillaries and a small amount of hypoplastic sebaceous glands.

Due to the low humidity in autumn and winter, the wind and sand is large, and the blood circulation of human skin mucosa is poor. If fresh vegetables are eaten less, the body’s vitamin B2 and vitamin A absorption are insufficient, and it will dry and crack.

  Some people like to use their tongues to moisturize their lips. In fact, this is a bad bad habit, because the lips can only bring a short-term moisturization. When these lips evaporate, they will take away more moisture inside the lips.In the vicious circle of making your lips “dry – sputum – more dry – then sputum”, the result is more and more painful, more and more cracked.

In addition, saliva contains amylase and other substances. When the wind blows, the water evaporates, and the displacement is removed, so that the temperature of the lip is lowered. The amylase sticks to the lips, causing contraction of the deep connective tissue and wrinkling of the lips and mucous membranes.It actually dries more.

Severe people will become infected, swollen and cause pain.

  You can choose lip balm with vitamin E and other ingredients when you apply lip balm two or three times a day. The lip balm has less added ingredients and the simpler the function, such as vaseline, glycerin, and various vitamins.
  Excessive use of lip balm reduces the barrier function of the lips themselves. Once the lip balm is removed, the lips are particularly dry; and the replacement of the lip balm may also cause psychological dependence.

Apply lip balm two or three times a day.