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There are many people who especially like to eat jelly grass jelly, but the jelly grass jelly we buy in the supermarket usually adds some chemicals. Such chemicals are not good for children to eat, so most parents willMaking fairy grass jelly at home, the method of making fairy grass jelly is relatively simple, it is very easy to learn, so how to make fairy grass jelly?

Ingredients: frozen grass powder 20 grams of boiling water 500 grams of cold water 60 grams of sugar 200 grams of pure milk method 1 prepare a bag of milk, a bag of black tea.

2 60 grams of cold water, 500 grams of boiling water.

3 Weigh 20 grams of frozen grass powder.

4 Pour the milk into a small pot, add a small amount of white sugar and turn on a small fire. 5 Soak the black tea bag into the milk and continue heating. 6 Shake the small pot from time to time during heating so that the flavor of black tea can be fully mixed with the milk.Pour out and refrigerate.

7 Take a bowl, pour in the pre-weighed celestial jelly powder, add 60 g of cold water, and stir with chopsticks until there is no granulated paste.

8 Pour the stirred fairy grass paste into a small pot, add boiling water, keep stirring, and continue to heat until boiling.

9 After turning off the fire, quickly pour the grass paste into a square fresh-keeping box and cool it to solidify.

10 The immortal frozen grass is frozen, buckled on the chopping board, and cut into small dices.