Thin waist thin legs local slimming yoga

Do you think your waistline has never been qualified?

Do you always feel that your legs are as tight as elephant legs?

No hurry, Xiaobian recommends everyone to practice thin waist and leg yoga today, but for 7 days, you can even let your lower abdomen slump, and thick legs can be thinned immediately.

  1, sitting sideways with legs stretched, right leg bent, right foot stepped close to the body, left leg straight pointing laterally, feet straight, left arm straight, left hand near left leg, right arm wrapped over head, fingers pointing downwards,Press down towards the top.

  2, lying flat on the floor with bows, feet separated naturally, legs bent and lifted off the floor, straight straight into the back, until both hands can hold the feet, stretch the top and tighten the floor, and lift up.

  3, standing on the right side with a bow, with the left leg straight and the ground bent, the right leg bent and lifted off the floor, the right arm straightened and pointing upwards, holding the right foot with the right hand, stretching the right leg and right arm, leftArm straightened forward, eyes looking forward, and body leaning forward.

  4, Bird King standing posture, straight left leg to support the ground, right leg bent and lifted off the floor, bending and bending back, holding the right toe claws with both hands, leaning forward slightly, straight up the tibia.

  5. Knee-faced kneeling position, feet separated naturally, lower leg straight, bent 90 degrees, lifted to the upper left, stretched forward to support forward and lower, hold the foot to the right.

  6, twisted sitting position, right leg bent, right foot trying to approach the tibia, left foot across the right thigh to insert the outside of the right leg, straight forward, left arm straight into the left rear, the right arm is bent, the elbow is placed on the upper leftSquare, fingers spread out pointing upwards.

  7, tree-like standing position, left leg straight to support the ground, right leg bent, right foot hooked above and above the left leg, straight forward, towards the top of the head, hands folded, raised up.

  8. Starting position, take a big step forward with your right foot, bend and bend 90 degrees, insert your left leg straight into the back, bend your body, bend forward and support it above your right foot, straight forward, try your bodyPush forward.