Chinese medicine teaches you how to maintain yin in the autumn and winter

Now Chinese society has entered an aging society, and every household has an elderly person.

The entire society must love and respect the elderly, who are the social responsibility.

Well, the elderly’s body is also very fragile. Now it has entered autumn and winter. The elderly should exercise in autumn and winter and pay more attention to health.

Let me tell you how the elderly can keep fit in autumn and winter.

  (1) Go to bed early, get up early, and get refreshed. The autumn morning is the time when the air is the freshest and the oxygen content is the highest in the four seasons. Elderly people should get up early, walk in the courtyard, breathe fresh air, and vomit new things.The high temperature turns cold, and the elderly should sleep and recuperate early, in order to comply with the health principle of “yin essence collection and converge”, which can help to accumulate yin essence and maintain the harmony of yin and yang in human body.

  (2) Diet Cleansing and Nourishing The “Ziyin” diet has the effects of reconciling Yin and Yang, nourishing viscera, nourishing qi and blood, and regulating emotions.

Therefore, the elderly’s autumn and winter diet should be based on the principles of preventing dryness and protecting the yin, nourishing yin, and nourishing the lungs. Eat less spicy, hot products and animal livers, minus the sour acid, and eat more nourishing yin and lungs, such as pear, Tomatoes, seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables, as well as honey, dairy products, etc., in order to improve the internal organs, nourish yin and lungs, and nourish deficiency and dryness.

  (3) Moderate exercise introversion, “protecting the yin” is a good time for sports training in autumn and winter, but the elderly should not conduct strike exercises like young people, so as not to consume excessive physical strength, consume yin and jin, and leak yang to violate the “yin essence”Health rules of “additional storage, internal restraint of yang”.

Never run, climb mountains, or practice exercises. It is advisable to use gentle and gentle movements or low-to-medium exercise. If you are slightly hot, it will stop when you sweat. As long as you persist, you will get good results.

  (4) Appropriate autumn-freezing and disease-prevention “Yangyin” The ancient and modern health-care families have said that “Autumn is not busy adding clothes, and appropriate freezing-freezing” to enhance the body’s ability to resist cold and prevent disease.

Even if you wear clothes in the late autumn, you must have some control, so as to avoid premature wear and excessive sweating, sweat evaporation and yang leakage.

People also say that “Bai Lu doesn’t expose himself,” which indicates that the climate after Bai Lu is changeable, and it is easy to catch colds or relapse.

Therefore, the elderly should be properly controlled according to their own conditions. If they do not add clothes when they add clothing, they will barely be frozen, which is against the original intention of “autumn freezing” fitness.

  (5) The clever use of drugs to dialect “Buyin” Qiuzao’s evil will hurt the body’s essence, qi, blood and semen and form yin deficiency syndrome.

Yin deficiency is divided into heart yin deficiency, lung yin deficiency and kidney yin deficiency, etc., and have their own symptoms, which can be differentiated by drugs for supplementation.

There are many medicines to supplement the “yin deficiency” and their usages are not the same. The medicine should be diagnosed under the guidance of a doctor in order to obtain the effect of curing illnesses and strengthening the body, and to spend the “eventful autumn” safely.