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Mussels are a common seafood. Mussels are also called Qingkou, which is a favorite food of many friends.

Mussels have a fresh and sweet taste, and are rich in iodine and protein. When used for soup, the taste will be very sweet.

Mussel and Radish Tofu Soup Ingredients: Mussels, radishes, tofu, wolfberry, dried mushrooms, chopped celery leaves, salad oil, salt, chicken essence.

Practice: 1.

Soak the mussels in water for more than 1 hour.


Remove soaked mussels and wash.


Wash the dried mushrooms, rinse the wolfberry, and cut the radish and tofu into strips of finger thickness.


Set the wok on the fire, pour the oil (slightly less than the usual cooking oil), and stir-fry the mussels under hot oil.


Add clear water and boil the fire.


Transfer to a casserole and simmer on low heat for 30?
40 minutes.


In the meantime, boil water in another pot and remove the radish after it is slightly hot.


After half an hour, pour the hot radish and wolfberry into the soup, boil again and simmer for 30 minutes with low heat.
40 minutes.


After 40 minutes.


Then put the tofu and mushrooms in the pot together, add salt, chicken essence, and simmer for 20?
30 minutes.


After 30 minutes.


Sprinkle with celery leaves and serve.

(Also use crushed fragrant leaves or minced garlic)