9 pieces of daily necessities should be changed regularly and in time

As long as some things in the house are used for a long time, problems of this kind will occur.

Do not because of the “one day, one day” mentality, maybe it is because of this “reluctance” that your health is threatened.

The latest issue of the United States “Prevention” magazine recently reminded the article that gradually cleaning and replacing the following household items will be more beneficial to health.

  Once the pillow is changed once a year, the oil on the hair and scalp accumulates for a long time, and will penetrate into the fibers and core of the pillow, thereby breeding bacteria and easily causing allergies and respiratory diseases.

If your pillow has lost elasticity or is uneven, it means your pillow needs to be replaced.

  The mattress is replaced every 5-10 years. Although a good mattress can be used for 9-10 years, the mattress of the best quality will continue to wear and wear, and the support will decrease, which will affect the quality of sleep.

In addition, there will be many stains that cannot be cleaned on the mattress, so we can share the bed with bacteria directly.

Therefore, it is recommended that it is best to change the mattress every 5 years, especially for people who have poor sleep.

A study from Oklahoma State University found that most people who replaced their mattresses every five years had higher sleep quality than before, and low back pain was also possible.

  Check the air-conditioning filter every 6 weeks. In general, the life of domestic air conditioners is more than 15 years, and the maintenance of the filter is a decisive factor.

It is best to check and clean the filters every 6 weeks, especially before and after the weather.

  Storage of vitamin medicines for more than 2 years A test from Harvard University in the United States found that in order to maintain the proper efficacy of vitamin medicines, even if stored in a cool, dry place, it can only be stored for 2 years.

Therefore, if you have such medicine at home, it is best not to take it even if it has not expired.

  The water purifier has been changed for 6 years, and the general household water purifier uses the principle of filtration and infiltration to remove microorganisms, bacteria and other substances in tap water.

However, after continuous use, the filtering function of the water purifier will not only decline, but it will not be able to completely and thoroughly clean, and it will breed some bacteria, which is not good for people’s health.

  As soon as the contact lens cleaning solution is changed for 3 months, Louis Scolafani, associate professor of ophthalmology at the University of Chicago Hospital, points out that the alternate opening of the cleaning solution will make it easy for bacteria to come to your door and increase the risk of eye infections.

In addition, it is best to change the box for contact lenses in March.

  The toothbrush is changed every 3-4 months. The American Dental Association believes that after the toothbrush bristles are worn or worn, they can not squeeze the cleaning effect, but make the teeth more “rotten”.

  After opening the eye cosmetics for 6 months, throw away the eye shadows. After opening the packaging of eye cosmetics such as mascara, they will be repeatedly exposed to the bacterial environment and used continuously for 6 months. The preservatives will no longer work.

If you do not stop using it, you will increase the risk of eye infections.

  Topical alcohol is used until the last drop. Even when exposed to air, a mixed solution of alcohol and water can maintain stable efficacy and can effectively kill any microorganisms and bacteria entering the bottle.