Three “W” for Liver Nourishment on the Road this Spring

Jingxue is said to be thunder, to wake up the winter bug, to wake up the earth, and to wake up our health plans.
Spring is the beginning of the year. Now, walking with the natural pace, we also control the body’s good timing for a year of health.
On the road this spring, start with nourishing the liver.
  Interpretation of “Five Flavors” food has five flavors of sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty.
There are different tastes in the stomach: acid into the liver, bitter into the heart, sweet into the spleen, Xin into the lungs, salty into the kidneys.
For organs, the right amount of taste is the most important. The grasp of this “quantity” is determined by the strength of the organ.
When the dirty gas is weak, a little more smell can benefit the organs; if the dirty gas is arrogant, too much smell is harmful.
  What to do: train the liver to run healthy “stunned” means that thunder stunned the maggots underground, so from this day it means that the earth is back to spring.
Spring is the beginning of the year, and plants germinate and grow in spring.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver is similar to grass and trees. Spring is the liver, which is the most active season for liver qi and the best time to nourish and protect the liver.
If the liver qi is not maintained in the spring, the whole body qi and blood will run disorderly, and other organs will be disturbed and cause diseases.
  Therefore, nourishing the liver is not to promote it, but to make the liver qi smooth.
The liver is weak. Of course, you can use sour diet to regulate your health and prevent emotional anger to avoid damaging the qi. In the spring, the qi is easier to grow wild. According to the five elements theory of Chinese medicine, it will hurt the spleen and affect the digestive system. At this time, you can increase spleen food.Calm the liver fire and balance the organs.
  Two types of people who have nourishing the liver: ● One of the results of overworked people is that their liver qi is weak.
Because the long-term working state greatly increases the blood demand of various organs of the body, and the blood gas is consumed greatly, and the liver is the blood-storing organ in the body, and it will be damaged if you are tired from work.
So the first thing that overworked people need to maintain is the liver.
May wish to eat some liver-raising food in the diet, such as overtime snacks replaced with plums, dried apricots and the like, do n’t eat liver-filled sweet sandwich biscuits; green vegetables are also essential for dinner, cabbage, cabbage and spinach, etc.Various types of leafy vegetables correspond to the liver and gallbladder of the human body, and can help the organs expedite the discharge of toxins from the body.
  ● People with flaming liver and fire rise suddenly in the spring, stimulating heat in the body. People with thermal constitution often have “flaming fire”, and the signs are prone to acne, fear of heat and sweat, and long menstrual period.
Their liver regimen should stay away from tobacco and alcohol, and ban heavy taste.
Experts suggest that you can drink a cup of green tea on an empty stomach before breakfast and dinner: 2 yuan each for Chinese wolfberry, jujube, hawthorn, poria, ganoderma, atractylodes, and cassia, and 1 yuan of licorice can be boiled for 30 minutes, and you can drink it.Liverfire.
  What to do: After walking in the early spring, the best exercise is walking. After the startle, the temperature will really rise. The response to the call of wind and warm sun is also for the season when spring shirts are thin and we will appear more in sports places.
At this time, pay attention.
After a winter, the functions of all the organs of the body are in a relatively low state, and the joints and muscles of the limbs are still in the “pre-wake period”. The purpose of the exercise at this time is to wake up the body.
Spring’s body also needs a phase adjustment to adapt to the “quantity” exercise. Otherwise, the physical consumption is not replenished in time, or sweating during exercise is heavy, and various respiratory diseases are induced by cold wind invasion, which are against the ideal of exercise.
Therefore, in the early spring exercise, it is not necessary to set a fat reduction goal, as long as the body is stretched.
  Experts suggest that walking is the most suitable exercise in March.
When we are sitting, the demand for oxygen is 250 cubic centimeters per minute. If the muscles get this low-limit supply for a long time, the muscle strength will decrease; the oxygen demand during walking will increase to 1,000 cubic centimeters per minute; it will increase during running.To 4000 cubic centimeters per minute.
Compared with the requirements for exercise in the early spring, it is clear that the amount of exercise running exceeds the standard, as long as it is on foot.
In the early spring sunshine, away from the traffic, streets, and breathe the “fresh oxygen” created by the vegetation for a minute, allowing the large muscle groups of the legs, back, abdomen and buttocks to contract and relax alternately, blood circulation and metabolism are gradually improved, and lungs are cleaned and unobstructedTo better oxygenate the body.
  What to eat: I eat less sour, and more sweet glutinous rice. At this time, there is still cold in the winter, and the yang in the body has awakened and started to rise and grow strong. You can eat warm food to help the cold.
For example, leek, garlic, onion, konjac, cilantro, ginger, spring onion, these vegetables are mild and spicy, and in addition to evacuating the wind and cold, they can also kill the bacteria that germinate with the warm spring.
  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human body’s liver qi is prone to excitement in spring, so the famous doctor Sun Sizheng said that “spring should be acid-free”.
A moderate amount of sourness can help the liver qi, but if the already excited liver takes too much acidity, it will cause liver qi to be too strong. According to the five elements theory of Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach will be hurt, so ume and sour plums should be eaten less.
  You should eat more sweetness.
Sweet taste is the best to replenish the temper, and the spleen is strong, which in turn can assist the liver qi.
Foods that are warm and sweet: cereals such as glutinous rice, black rice, sorghum, oats; vegetables and fruits such as pumpkin, lentils, red dates, longan, walnuts, chestnuts; and meat such as beef, anchovies, sea bass, and yellow croaker.
  Famous doctors and private parties: Honey and lemon juice increase the temperature in the spring, and the use of warm tonics will increase the body’s heat, so no special supplement is needed.
The spring diet emphasizes flat tonic. For people with poor constitution, choose plain food such as lotus seeds, coriander seeds, barley kernels, peanuts, walnuts, bird’s nest, etc., and choose two or three and add some ingredients to make porridge to reconcile the body.  In spring, I used to drink a glass of honey lemon juice every morning.

Cut fresh lemon into dices, soak in honey, and use warm water to drink immediately every morning. It is best not to use single nectar such as locust nectar.

Honey can nourish the spleen and stomach, reduce liver irritation, and the aroma of lemon can alleviate lungs. At the same time, its sour taste can dissolve oil and reduce gastrointestinal accumulation.