[How long can papaya be kept]_storage time_storage time

As a more common fruit in our lives, papaya contains a lot of nutrients.

For the storage of papaya, the mature papaya can be stored for a long time, usually one to five days. If the papaya is not too ripe, it can be stored for a relatively long time, and it needs to be stored in papaya.Serve as soon as possible after cutting.

1. The flesh of papaya is normally preserved for 1-5 days. It is not easy to preserve, so it can be eaten in time after buying.

However, if you do n’t want to eat it immediately after you buy it, you can choose the one that is not fully mature, and some are the best.

And keep in mind that papaya should not be kept in the refrigerator. You can wrap it in a newspaper and store it in a cool place, so it can be stored for 4-5 days under normal circumstances.

2. More than 60% of the mature papaya is preserved. If more than 60% of the papaya is mature, it means that it is very mature. The best way is to eat it quickly.

If you really do n’t want to eat or ca n’t finish eating, you can use papaya to cook sugar water and cook soup with bones. Then you can keep it fresh, but it ca n’t be kept for too long, so it can be stored for about three days, or you should resume eating.

3. Preserving mature papaya below 50% Because mature papaya below 50% is relatively easy to preserve, papaya that can’t be eaten can be covered with fresh-keeping bag or wrapped in newspaper, and then stored in a cool place.

If you like to eat sour or can accept the sour taste, you can also cut the papaya into shreds, put some sweet and sour in, so that you can put in side dishes, you can eat slowly.

4. It is recommended to eat as soon as possible because the main nutritional component in papaya is vitamins. After the papaya is cut, the vitamins in it will release the air, and it is easy to lose nutritional value, because papaya is easily oxidized.

And if you stop storing in the refrigerator, the nutritional value will be lost a lot, and the taste is not as good as the beginning, so it is recommended to eat as soon as possible.

Papaya tastes very good, and has good nutritional value, and has many effects, so you can buy and eat now, so that the nutrients will not be lost.

If you want to better preserve fresh papaya, then the method is also very important, everyone can understand some.