Newbies in the workplace should remind themselves of their problems

Many friends who have just graduated or have graduated for a year or two are facing a problem, that is, they often say “very confused”, but do not know how to change, so the time just slips away in their hands day by day.After three to five years, they stayed in place or improved a little.

So here I would like to share with you the work experience of the past few years.

  There are several things that people who have just entered the workplace must remind themselves: first, often ask yourself what kind of life you are now, and what kind of results this state will bring you; second, often ask yourselfWhat have you learned this week and this month? Third, often ask yourself how long you have n’t recharged and what you have been paying attention to recently. Fourth, often ask yourself what do you want to become in 3 or 5 years?

The kind you want to become requires some type of skills or abilities or something. Be prepared for this, and don’t make any excuses, try hard.

  Fifth, I often ask myself how long I haven’t exercised. Imagine that you can still be as energetic as you are now when you are 50 years old. The change starts with asking questions, no matter how bad you are now, telling yourself to prepareIf you persist, you will gain something and your life will change.